Returning to Pleasure

This webinar will focus on bringing a non-judgmental, sex positive, and somatic mindfulness-based approach to working with adult client survivors of sexual trauma.

This training is designed for sex therapists, sex educators, clinicians, advocates, social workers, and counselors that work with adult survivors of sexual trauma. We will focus on helping clients identify their stress responses, increase understanding and compassion for dissociation, and practice applied mindfulness techniques.

Increase your Understanding of Trauma


Learn Actionable Skills for your Practice

Participants will learn to hone their skills in reading non-verbal and somatic cues from clients and gain skills that help clients reclaim their sexual empowerment and pleasure. We will explore experiential activities that help clients get in touch with their sense of boundaries. Join AASECT Certified Sex Therapist Molly Adler while she facilitates a compassionate and hopeful exploration of tools to help clients find more joy and connection.

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