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Feeling unequipped to address clients' intimate struggles? This workshop will transform your practice.

Molly Adler is a trauma-informed, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist who’s been guiding clients back home to themselves since 2015. She created this training so you can meet them there too.

Molly’s Mindful Sex training guides you to embrace sexuality counseling with confidence. You'll learn powerful mindfulness techniques to help clients tune into their bodily wisdom. 

Imagine your clients feeling truly heard and seen as you compassionately explore their relationship to pleasure, boundaries, and shame.

Through proprioception exercises, you'll help clients sense where they are in space. Interoception activities teach them to notice internal sensations non-judgmentally. Slowing down touch while focusing just on sensations builds intimacy and presence. 

Molly shares concrete tools like her Feelings Sensations Word List which expands emotional vocabulary beyond "good" and "bad." Her Trigger Response Planning Worksheet equips trauma survivors to stay present during intimacy.

You'll discover mindfulness skills like scanning the senses, tracking bodily cues for what feels good or bad, and getting curiously intimate with parts and imagery. Clients will learn to define their own sources of sensual joy.

This workshop offers clients what typical sex therapy cannot: mindfulness as the pathway through overwhelm and into embodiment. No matter their story, they’ll learn to define their own sensual joy.

Join Molly for slow mindfulness eating exercises, sensate focus techniques, and embodied practices that awaken awareness. Her wisdom and warmth will model how to hold space for clients to unfold in their own time.

Give your clients the gift of feeling held in their bodies once more. Claim your spot in Mindful Sex today.

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