a non-binary Black woman looking down at a cell phone, source: https://genderspectrum.vice.com/

Jealousy is uncomfortable. People judge it, feel shame about it, repress it, or even assign blame for it.

Feeling jealous and witnessing jealousy in partners can be a challenging experience. 

But if we can help clients tune into what’s behind jealousy, we might find valuable information. Jealousy can tell us about our needs, desires, boundaries, and how to respond to them. Does it need to be addressed? Or perhaps it just wants to be acknowledged and heard. 

Join AASECT Certified Sex Therapist Molly Adler in breaking down the complex experience of jealousy into its underlying parts. Through better understanding of what’s underneath the jealousy we can help clients gain insight about their needs, let go of shame, and feel closer to partners.

Jealousy is a topic that comes up A LOT.

I created this course because I work with so many individuals, couples, and polycules that navigate jealousy.

This course clarifies the umbrella of jealousy experiences, expression, and tools to navigate it all.


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